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Dr. Abbott began practicing dentistry in 1995 and quickly established a reputation as being highly technically skilled, making most procedures hassle free with great results.  While her work has impressed many specialists, it is the positive feedback she receives from her clients that brings her the most joy.

Her genuine care for the well being of her clients, along with her relaxing and fun attitude has earned her a dedicated clientele with some travelling from as far as Edmonton, Denver, and Las Vegas.

“I love making people smile.  It’s what motivated me to get into dentistry in the first place.  I work really hard to make every client feel comfortable in my chair.  There’s nothing more satisfying than meeting someone who was scared about a trip to the dentist, but now looks forward to it knowing that it’s an opportunity to keep their smile looking healthy and bright.”

dr natalie abbott

Luisa is the office manager and ensures everything runs smoothly.  She is always ready to help a client locate a specialist, deal with any insurance issues, or fit in an emergency.  Luisa has worked alongside Dr. Abbott since 1995.

“It’s amazing to see people come for a first visit totally nervous and scared, then end up coming back year after year, bringing in their friends and family.  It’s great to see our client’s families grow.  Over time, they become like family to us.”


Scheduling dozens of people a day, fitting in emergencies, and dealing with special requests is all in a days work for Rosemary.  Having worked with Dr. Abbott since 1996, starting as an assistant, Rosemary has become an expert at making clients feel welcome and making any dealings with insurance providers go as smooth as possible.

“I have never heard of another office where kids ask to come with their parents, even when they don’t have an appointment.  Who can blame them?  Just check out our play area.  I guess it says something about the way we like to cater to families and make them feel welcome.”


Darlene brings 27 years of dental hygiene experience and has a vast knowledge of TMJ, occlusion and restorative dentistry.  Darlene also specializes in lab procedures, allowing the practice to now perform in-house fabrication of night guards.

“What excites me most is helping the patients achieve excellent oral health.  I enjoy the challenge of discovering what motivates each patient and working with them to achieve their dental goals – whether it’s a cosmetic makeover or just having a healthy smile.
I find that educating and motivating the patients is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a hygienist.”

darlene boddy

With over 10 years of experience being a hygienist, Vivian has seen how proper oral care can help smiles last.  For her, the best part has been educating and building relationships with clients.

“The health aspect of dentistry has always been the most important part for me.  I really like educating the people I see about what they can do to keep their teeth and gums healthy.  Over time, I get to meet their family members and friends and it just adds to the great experience of meeting and getting to know new people.”


Karen graduated from the University of Toronto in Dental Hygiene. "I have seen much change in dentistry over my professional career. Dr Abbott's office not only offers state-of-the-art equipment, her appetite for learning makes me confident that we offer the highest standards of care for our patients."

“For me, the office is more than a place to work, it is a wonderful community of friends. Our clients can enjoy the laughter and warmth in the office and at the same time have satisfaction in knowing we, as a team, are committed to their overall health.”


Lea has been assisting since 1994 and has seen first hand how new smiles can bring positive changes to people.

“It’s wonderful to see how people change when they get the smile they really want.  They feel better, become more outgoing, and look happier.  The cosmetic part of dentistry has always been my favourite.  Crowns, bridges, veneers and whitening can do so much to make people look and feel better.”

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