We believe everyone deserves a smile.

A healthy smile is more that just for show. It means you have healthy teeth and gums, a pain free jaw, and can enjoy your favourite foods.

And that’s something everyone deserves.

Welcome to Abbott Dental

For over 25 years, Dr. Natalie Abbott and her staff have been providing exceptional dental care to people of all ages in an environment that is warm and inviting. A visit to her practice has become known as the most fun you could ever have at the dentist.

Whether you’re new to the area and looking for family dental care or trying to find a dentist that takes the stress out of your next visit, Abbott Dental can be there for you.

Dr. Abbott believes that dental health and physical health impact each other. That’s why, she focuses on being able to show clients how to maintain overall health through proper dental care.


Regular treatment to keep a lifelong healthy smile.


We can help you take your smile from better to best.

Full mouth

A new smile can bring joy and a better quality of life.


Need gum work? We offer full periodontic care.

Excellent dentist. First class treatment by professional and personable staff. Wonderful laughter and positive vibe in the office that is very therapeutic. And yes I would walk a long way on broken glass in my bare feet to get to her office!!

Lori R.

Fabulous…….The entire Abbott Dental Team! 🤗 Natalie came highly recommended by one friend and then another friend and now I highly recommended Abbott Dental to everyone.

Anna F.